Financial Planning Services

The financial planning process helps us identify your goals and resources and then establish steps to use these resources to help you achieve your goals.  Your financial plan will focus on retirement income planning, risk management, selection of appropriate investments, and creating a legacy for your family and loved ones.  This plan will do so in a big-picture, holistic manner.

Investment Services

Our judgment is that successful investing come from knowing what you want to accomplish, being realistic about opportunities and risks, and following a disciplined process guided by and updated by empirically-validated knowledge.  This is our definition of "the way of wisdom" and this is what we offer.

Investment Philosophy

Our approach to developing and managing investment portfolios is based on your unique goals and risk tolerances, but we are biased toward maximum safety over maximum possible yield.  We manage the money our clients cannot afford to lose.  We have found both personally and from academic studies that certain assumptions most influence investment success:  chief among these are superior money managers, diversity, asset allocation, tactical allocation, and, where appropriate, income guarantees.*

Our philosophy differs from many of our colleagues in that we do not believe that "buy and hold" is suitable at all times.  We believe that the Real Estate Bubble of 2003 to 2007 was recognizable, and that the dangers that showed up in 2008 were foreseeable to an extent.  During times of heightened risk, we believe in changing our long-term allocations to a more defensive posture.  Past performance, of course, is no guarantee of future results.

*Guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability of the issuing company.

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